Your views on global governance – contribute now

Susanne SalzEvent

The United Actors have teamed up with Insights.US to create an online stakeholder consultation.

The question we seek your input for is: How should a new element of global governance be designed in order for it to enable all relevant actors to jointly design and implement solutions to current and future challenges?

While we have some ideas, we also realize that there are a lot of existing models, practices, ideas and experiences out there, which we want to capture from the very beginning. It also encapsulates the spirit of cooperation and co-creation which we want to embed in the United Actors right from the outset.

This consultation allows us to gather diverse views  and interact without all of us having to travel to discuss at an in-person conference. Think of all the CO2 emissions and the time we will have saved!

The consultation is open for four weeks between Monday 14th November 2016 and Sunday 11th December 2016. Shortly thereafter each participant will receive a personal email about the insights and decisions reached as well as their personal impact.

Registration is required, as we want serious comments which people are happy to attach their names too. Registration is easy and quick and then you can jump right in. We wholeheartedly invite you to contribute.