Think of global issues such as climate change, terrorism, pandemics like Ebola or trade agreements. Who comes to mind as doing something about it and being relevant to it? Only countries? No!Also civil society, business and cities.

The world currently lacks one forum where all relevant actors can come together on equal footing to discuss challenges and find solutions fit for the 21st century.
At the UN countries are the primary actors and sole members, while business and civil society are scarcely even given access let alone equal rights. The World Economic Forum is driven and funded by the private sector. Cities and civil society have their own gatherings.

The United Actors allows the different groups to meet on equal footing so that everyone is heard and can contribute to the best of their abilities.

That would be nice. But over the past years and decades any serious UN reform has failed to happen. The kinds of disruptive reforms which would be required for moving towards the United Actors model can not realistically be expected in the coming years or decades.

What we can do is cooperate with the UN and learn from good examples of stakeholder engagement in the UN system. The United Actors can also help to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Actors are complementary to the United Nations. The UN is valuable and will continue to play a necessary and constructive role in the world. Maybe over time it could even adopt some new formats which the United Actors will first have pioneered and tested.

By joining the United Actors and attending the first United Actors Council meeting you will:
– contribute to solving global problems,
– network and learn, both as an organization and as the participating individual,
– gain reputational benefits and be a pioneer,
– find partners for your existing or new projects,
– be inspired by new ideas and insights from people you wouldn’t otherwise meet,
– co-create outcomes with us and the other participants according to your needs and wishes.
That goes for governments (national, regional or local), companies and civil society organizations. For each of those groups and depending on the size of your organization, there may be further specific benefits.
Each person gets to know how the others work and think. All levels and sizes of government, business and civil society meet, exchange and discuss on equal footing and on neutral ground.
Innovative and interactive session formats – such as Fish Bowl or World Café – will be employed. Participants will be representing their organisations but will also be engaging with each other on a more individual basis to build understanding, interest and trust. In the end we always interact and cooperate as human beings and not only as employees of a particular organisation.
On a voluntary basis and in a bottom-up way, an opportunity for finding and implementing innovative joint solutions with different actors is created. Over time, the United Actors can jointly design and implement solutions which draw on the strengths, capabilities and commitments of each and all of the actors.
We are currently working on that.
If you can offer to host this premiere event at a suitable venue we would love to hear from you.
We plan to have around 40 people representing governments, business and civil society organizations meeting for about two to four days.
Future Councils can be held once or twice a year in suitable changing locations. Initial topics are likely to be chosen from the areas of sustainable urbanisation or sustainable consumption, based on the expertise and connections of the Founder Susanne Salz. Topics could also be chosen based on the interests of the participants, funders and partners. Chosen topics will probably be linked to Sustainable Development Goals.
In the mid-term the United Actors will be financed via membership and participation fees. In the short-term we are looking to fundraise seed funding from foundations and other organizations.
It is no longer feasible to agree on solutions to global challenges via voting with all relevant stakeholders at the table. The world has become too complex. Even the UN Security Council has always struggled to come to decisions when it mattered most.

Instead, at the United Actors, we will use the dynamism and optimism that exists in so many places. We will work bottom-up and voluntarily, sharing solutions, good practices, new ideas and past failures to learn from. We will build synergies and – over time – joint projects. We will act and create change rather than waste time trying to agree and voting without agreeing.

We think so and we have received a lot of positive feedback. We still need support in certain areas such as finding seed funding.
One inspiring example is the World Economic Forum, which has become a well-known, important global forum and has achieved a global brand recognition since its foundation by Klaus Schwab in 1971.
We’re glad you like the idea. Please contact us and let us know why you like it and how you think you could help. We are always looking for other passionate individuals to jointly turn this vision into reality.
Yes you can. Click here to access a PDF you can save for offline use and printing.
Contact us and we will be happy to answer them.